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รองศาสตราจารย์ ดร. สุระ พัฒนเกียรติ

Associate Professor Dr.Sura Pattanakiat

คุณวุฒิ :
M.Sc.(Forest Biology),
Ph.D. (Forestry)
Cert. GIS in the field of environment

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Tel : 0 2441 5000 ต่อ 1221, 3344

Research Interests

Application and Development on GIS and Remote Sensing for Natural Resource and Environmental Management, Disaster Risk Assessment, Biodiversity Conservation, Community Forestry and Forest Ecology, Decision Support System for Protected Area Management.



Pattanakiat, S., 2006. (Project Leader) Geo-Informatics for Resources and Environmental Management, Buriram Provincial Administration.

Pattanakiat, S., 2006. (Project Leader) Natural Resources and Environmental Data Warehouse, Case Study: Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Centre under the cooperation of GLOBE and Huai Sai Development Studies Center, Royal Project.

Pattanakiat, S., 2006. (Project Leader) Program Development for Solid Waste Center Establishment, Department of Pollution Control.

Pattanakiat, S., 2006. (Project Leader) Multimedia for Thailand Natural Resources and Environmental Information for Mekong Watershed, Department of Environmental Quality Promotion.

Pattanakiat, S., 2005. (Project Leader) Revision on Watershed Classification and Recommendations and Measures for Land Utilization of Ping-Wang Watershed under the Cabinet Approval on 28th May 1985, Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning.

Pattanakiat, S., 2004. (Project Leader) Remote Sensing for Local Environmental Monitoring Database Establisment, Case Study: Krabi and Phang Nga Provinces, Department of Environmental Quality Promotion.

Pattanakiat, S., 2003. Geo - Informatics in Ecology and Environment, United Production Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand.

Pattanakiat, S., 2003. Plant Community Characteristics of Tropical Rain Forest Based on Topographic Gradients, Biodiversity Management and Sustainable Development, Lancang - Mekong River in the New Millennium: 63 - 68

Pattanakiat, S., 2002. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for the Studies on Relative Patterns of Plant Community based on Climatic and Soil Properties Factors in Lower Petchaburi Watershed, Mahidol University.

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