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ENRIC 2024

     We extend a warm invitation to join us at ENRIC 2024: “Net Zero Now: Action for a Sustainable World” – a global convergence of pioneers, innovators, and catalysts dedicated to shaping a sustainable, carbon-neutral world. In an era marked by environmental urgency, this conference stands as a beacon of promise, offering a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and resolute action.

   The gravity of the climate crisis looms large, evident in the receding glaciers, intensified natural disasters, and the alarmingly rapid loss of biodiversity. A commitment to achieving Net Zero Now is our response – a pledge to curtail greenhouse gas emissions until they are balanced by efforts to remove an equivalent amount from the atmosphere. It's a turning point, a choice to rectify our ecological deficit.

    The 5th Environment and Natural Resources International Conference acknowledges that we are at a precipice, where inaction could perpetuate our current trajectory, while unified, proactive change can reverse it. With themes of 'action,' 'innovation,' and 'collaboration,' this conference epitomizes our dedication to that transformative path. Throughout this conference, we will explore strategies, technologies, and partnerships with the potential to reshape how we generate energy, manage resources, and safeguard ecosystems. We will showcase inventive solutions and pioneering policies that can reinvent the energy landscape. We will address the responsibilities and opportunities for local communities, corporations, and nations in realizing a net-zero future.

Important Dates

Activities Dates
Call for abstracts 1 Jan – 31 May 2024
Notification of abstract acceptance 30 June 2024
Submission Deadline of full paper
30 Aug 2024
Notification of full paper acceptance 15 Sep 2024
Early bird registration 1 Sep 2024 – 15 Oct 2024
Regular registration 16 Oct 2024 - 13 Nov 2024
Conference dates 14 - 15 Nov 2024
ENRIC 2024 invites papers on (but not limited to) the following themes:
1. Impact of Climate Change and pollution
2. Mitigation, Adaptation, Policy and Governance Research
3. Innovations and Technologies for Net Zero
Other Related Topics

Submitted conference papers will be reviewed by the technical committee of the Conference. Moreover, the best papers from ENRIC 2024 will be encouraged to be submitted to the peer review process of the Environment and Natural Resource Journal (ENNRJ).

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