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Bachelor of Science Programme in Environmental Science and Technology


The programme is designed to prepare high quality graduates specializing in the field of environmental science and environmental technology. This will help ensure success in protecting and conserving, as well as solving environmental and natural resources problems. Considered as the center of interest, students can analyze environmental problems, have ability in thinking systematically and creatively, perform well, and they can apply to their field of knowledge in environmental science and environmental technology.

Admission Requirements

The applicant must have the following qualifications:

  1. High school graduates.Application have to go for a written entrance examination in the process of Mahidol University Quota System and Central Admission
  2. Application who pass either admission process will then be interview
  3. Only those who successfully pass the interview will be admitted

Curriculum Structure

Students are required to complete not less than 139 credits for graduation from following areas of study.

General Education Courses    30 credits.
Required Major Courses    99 credits.
Free Electives Courses    Not less than 6 credits.
Field Trip    4 credits.

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