No.Presentation DateAuthorsTypeLevelCountryPresentation TopicFiscal yearConference Title
1 26/01/2565Allan S. Tabucanon-InternationalThailandHYBRID NEURO FUZZY-BASED RESERVOIRRE OPERATION MODEL CASE STUDY OFBHUMIBOL DAM IN THAILAND2565Conference: THA 2022 International Conference on Moving Towards Sustainable Water and Climate Change Management After COVID-19At: Thailand
2 07/12/2564รศ.ดร. นวลจันทร์ สิงห์คราญ-InternationalThailandGreenhouse Gas Assessment & Impact Mitigations in the Lower Melong Basin's Watershed Networks in Thailand25652021 Special Symposium on SDGs & Water-Energy in Mekong River
3 23/11/2564ศ.ดร. สุวลักษณ์ สาธุมนัสพันธุ์-InternationalonlineContributions, challenges, and opportunities of the small-scale anchovy fisheries in Thailand2565The West Pacific Symposium 2021 “Changing West Pacific Ocean: Science and Sustainability”
4 22/11/2564ศ.ดร. สุวลักษณ์ สาธุมนัสพันธุ์-InternationalonlineResponsible Consumption and Production embedded in the Thai Marine Shrimp Farming Certification Programs2565The West Pacific Symposium 2021 “Changing West Pacific Ocean: Science and Sustainability”
5 11/11/2564ผศ.ดร.กฤตณะ พฤกษากร-InternationalThailandApplication of Data Envelopment Analysis Approach in Food Services on Phuket Island, Thailand2565The conference and topic selected: (E)Sustainable Lifestyle, Tourism, and Services
6 28/07/2564Ratana Chuenpagdee, Suphakarn Traesupap, Suvaluck Satumanatpan*, Thammasak Yeemin, Kungwan Juntarashote-InternationalUnited KingdomSmall-scale fisheries of Thailand: The “moderate” case2564MARE Conference People and the SEA XI (virtual)
7 22/01/2564Preeyaporn Koedrith -InternationalMyanmarInhibitory Effect of Weed-based Ectracts as Bio-control against Common Cutworm (SPODOPTERALITURA) in Green Vegetable Cultivation2564The 5th NIES Forums on Sustainable Future in Asia
8 17/12/2563Allan S. Tabucanon, Kiyo Kurisu, Keisuke Hanaki-InternationalThailandAssessment and Mitigation of Tangible Flood Damages Driven by Climate Change in Tropical Urban City2564The 2nd AIT-BNU Joint Virtual Workshop
9 16/12/2563Boonluksiri Y, Prapagdee B, Sombatsompop N*-InternationalThailandAn accelerated biodegradation of Poly(lactic acid) by inoculation of Pseudomonas geniculate WS3 combined with nutrient addition2564IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
10 24/11/2563Kamalaporn Kanongdate, Kampanad Bhaktikul, Suvaluck Satumanas pan, Chamlong -InternationalTaiwanResponse of inland aquaculturist to alteration in salinity and temperature.2564The International conference of Science and Technology 2019 (TICST 2019)
11 22/11/2563Kamalaporn Kanongdate, Kampanad Bhaktikul, Suvaluck Satumanas pan, Chamlong Arunlertaree-InternationalTaiwanThe disbution of inland aquaculure in response to salinity change in the river system.2564The International conference of Science and Technology 2019 (TICST 2019)
12 03/11/2563Pongsathorn Sukdanont, Kimura Akari, Suphachai Amkha, Noppol Arunrat, Ryusake Hatano-InternationalTaiwanSoil parameters as CH4 emission factors from Thai paddy soils-Khon Kaen and Ayutthaya2564International conference ot the East and Southeast Asia Federarion of all Science Societies ( ESAFS 2019)
13 19/10/2563Nuanchan Singkran-InternationalThailandNutrient flow assessment reflected by anthropogenic activities in the Chao Phraya river basin, Thailand2564The 2nd International Sysmosium on Water Pollution and Treatment (ISWPT 2019)
14 15/10/2563Suvaluck Satumanatpan, Kongpop Rungruengrayup, Anawach Saithong, Nova Almine4, Thammasak Yeemin, Kungwan Juntarashote and Ratana Chuenpagdee-InternationalAustraliaA rapid appraisal of dried fish value chain in Thailand2564The World Fisheries Congress, being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre (online)
15 07/10/2563ดร.นรินทร์ บุญตานนท์-InternationalThailandElectricity Generation using Wind Stack Together with Carbon Dioxide Capture2564International Conference on Environmental Engineering, Science and Management เชียงราย ประเทศไทย
16 15/09/2563Teerapunyapong P, Phankamolsil Y, Rittima A, Talaluxmana Y, Tabucanon AS.-InternationalJapanEstimation of groundwater recharge using wetspass model in the Phanom Thuan Song Phi Nong-Bang Len Operation and maintenance projects, Thailand256322nd Congress of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research-Asia Pacific Division, IAHR-APD 2020: "Creating Resilience to Water-Related Challenges"
17 15/09/2563Khin Muyar Kyaw, Areeya Rittima, Jidapa Kraisangka, Yutthana Talaluxmana Varawoot Vudhivanich,Allan Tabucanon-InternationalJapanTRACING CROP WATER DEMAND IN THE LOWER PING RIVER BASIN, THAILAND USING CLOUD–BASED IRRISAT APPLICATION2563Proceedings of the 22nd IAHR-APD Congress 2020, Sapporo, Japan
18 19/08/2563Piyakarn Teartisup-InternationalKoreaEastern sasus crane reintroduction project in Thailand25632019 Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS)
19 28/07/2563Nuanchan Singkran, Pitchaya Anantawong, Naree Inthararichian-InternationalVietnamBOD load Analysis for the Chao Pharya rover basin, Thailand2563International confrence on clean water, air & soil 2019
20 11/07/2563Monthira Yuttitham, Anusorn Boonpoke, Thittaya Ngamsang, Ukrit Ruangchua-InternationalUnited KingdomClimate change impact assessment on Agriculture an Ecological system for adaptation in Kwan Phayao, Thailand2563World congress on Geology & Earth Science
21 27/05/2563Nwe Ni Win, Ampai Thongteeraparp, Kobkaew Manomaipiboon and Achara Ussawarujikulchai-InternationalThailandFactors Affecting on Household Willingness to Participate in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw Cities of Myanmar2563Proceedings of the 9th International conference on Environmental Engineering, Science and Managemen
22 27/02/2563S. Kunket , J. Chaiprapa , P. Vijuksungsith ,R. Boonprasert* -InternationalThailandApplication Micro X-ray Fluorescence to Analysis Herbicides Residues in Soil of Lowland Rice Area of Thailand2563The 37th MST International Conference
23 27/02/2563W. Toikaew , J. Chaiprapa , P. Vijuksungsith, R. Boonprasert*-InternationalThailandAssessment Effects of Pesticide Contamination in Soil by Using Micro X-ray Fluorescence: A Case Study Residue Analysis Chlorfenapyr Group in Soil Samples from Intensive Horticulture Area in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand2563 The 37th MST International Conference
24 27/02/2563N. Jansri, J. Chaiprapa , P. Vijuksungsith, R. Boonprasert*-InternationalThailandUsing Micro-X-ray Fluorescence to Evaluation the Distribution of Calcium (Ca2+) in the Vertical of Sediment from Shrimp Farming in Freshwater Aquaculture in Central of Thailand2563 The 37th MST International Conference
25 27/02/2563P. Nontasin , C. Chantaviboon , S.Khamkoet , N.Jiaranaikul , P. Vijuksungsith, R. Boonprasert* -InternationalThailandUsing Synchrotron mMicro-X-ray Fluorescence in The Study of Herbicides Residues in Plants: A Case Study Paraquat in Leaves of Brassica oleracea var. Alboglabra2563The 37th MST International Conference
26 25/02/2563R. Boonprasert* , T. Meejan , N. Luxsitanon , T. Meeniam , N. Jiaranaikul , P. Vijuksungsith-InternationalThailandUsing Synchrotron ต -X-ray Fluorescence to Evaluation Transporters and Uptake Organochlorine Compounds of Paraquat from Soil in Oryza sativa L 2563THE 37TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE MICROSCOPY SOCIETY OF THAILAND (MST37)
27 13/02/2563Panupong Srimalanon, Benjaphom Prapagdee, Ignacio Martin-Fabiani, Narongrit Sombatsompop-InternationalThailandEffect of reprocessing cycles on mechanical properties and antibacterial performance of in situ compatibilized PBS/PLA blends dopend with HPQM2563PACCON 2020 (Pure and applied chemistry International conference)
28 13/01/2563Kanjanasiranont N*, Prueksasit T, Sahanavin N, Prapagdee S.-InternationalKoreaSpatial and temporal variations of pm2.5 in the Vicinity of Expressways in Bangkok, Thailand25633rd International Conference on Sustainable Development of Water and Environment, ICSDWE 2020
29 16/12/2562Y Boonluksiri1, B Prapagdee and N Sombatsompop-InternationalThailandThe following article is Open access An accelerated biodegradation of Poly(lactic acid) by inoculation of Pseudomonas geniculate WS3 combined with nutrient addition2563The International Conference on Materials Research and Innovation (ICMARI) , Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 773
30 19/11/2562Worathep Phunsawat, Raywadee Roachanakanan, Tavida Kamolvej-InternationalJapanStructural Measure and Non-Structural Measure on Drought Disaster Risk Reduction: Case Studies of Ban Don Mai Ngam, Buri Ram Province and Ban Arkot, Surin Province, Thailand2563Conference: Asian Environmental Resilience Research Initiative 2019 At: Faculty of Environmental Science Affiliation: Nagasaki University
31 25/06/2562Satumanatpan S.-InternationalNetherlandsSustainable small-scale fisheries: A transdisciplinary quest. Paper presented at "Trensdisciplinary fisheries science for blue justice: the need to go between, across and beyound."2562TBTI special sessiond for 10th international people and sea conference. University of Amterdam.
32 25/04/2562Punsuk Jirataya-InternationalThailandUse of local materials in aquaculture farming and the case study at extentive farm.2562NGS-WQM 2019 Next generation sequencing, probioties and other technologies for water quality management in aquaculture
33 28/04/2561Piyawongnarat T., Satuamanatpan S.-InternationalThailandInfuences of dissolved oxygen and chlorophylle-a concentration on condition index of oyster Saccostrea cucullata (Born 1778) in chonburi province2561The International conference on Agriculture and Natural resources 2018
34 27/04/2561Harin Sachdev-InternationalThailandThe combined methodology of DPSIR framework and Land use change for exploring small-holder agriculture security and farmers sustainable livelihoods. A case study of Phaknamdang subdistrick at the upper gulf of Thailand2561TSAE Internatinal conference 2018
35 20/03/2561มณฑิรา ยุติธรรม-InternationalThailandVulnerabilyty assessment from Climate change of Fishery in the Kwan phayao การวิเคราะห์ความเปราะบาง จากการเปลี่ยนแปลงสภาพภูมิอากาศของการประมงในกว๊านพะเยา2561Local & Global sustainability: meeting the challenges & solutions
36 15/02/2561Monthira Yuttitham-InternationalSri LankaCarbon footprint of canned pineapple2561ICCC2018
37 04/01/2561Nathsuda Pumijumnong-InternationalThailandLate Holocene Interpretation of high-resolution oxygen Isotope derived from tropical trees2561Rice in Southeast Asia (Bangkok 2018)
38 31/08/2560Singkran, N-InternationalSwedenFlood overview and flood risk management for the Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand. 2560Discussion panel: Impacts of droughts and floods in cities: policies and governance, 2016 World Water Week, Stockholm
39 16/08/2560Singkran, N-InternationalThailandUrban product analysis and management of Bangkok Metropolis2560UEM Congress 2017: Disruptive Technologies and Innovations in Transportation, Energy, & Commerce, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University
40 18/07/2560Singkran, N-InternationalSpainUrban consumption efficiency & improvement for livable city2560The 7th International Congress of Energy and Environment Engineering and Management, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
41 21/06/2560Monthira Yuttitham-InternationalSouth KoreaThe Measurement of Nitrous Oxide Emission from Maize Cultivation2560The 4th EnvironmentAsia International conference "Pratical Global Policy and Environmental Dynamics"
42 29/03/2560สุวลักษณ์ สาธุมนัสพันธุ์-InternationalColumbiaRelatioship between perception of resilience and wellbeing of small-scale fishers in Rayoung province, Gulf of Thailand2560SfAA 76th Annual meeting Vancouver, British Columbia. The Western Bayshore
43 28/03/2560นรินทร์ บุญตานนท์, ณัฐสุดา คำปา-InternationalSwitzerlandเครื่องมือวัดและควบคุมการสังเคราะห์แสงของพืชชั้นสูง (Advanced photosynthetic measurement and control device)256045th International Exhibition of Invention of Geneva
44 27/03/2560นรินทร์ บุญตานนท์, ณัฐสุดา คำปา, พีระวิทย์ สิงห์โต, เรวัต ยิ้มวิไล-InternationalSwitzerlandมอเตอร์แบบกำเนิดพลังงานไฟฟ้าในตัว (Self-electric generating motor)256045th International Exhibition of Invention of Geneva
45 25/03/2560Riggio A, Lynam AJ, Asensio N, Chaiyarat R.-InternationalChinaChanges in richness and diversity of tropical mammals over 17 years in a protected area of Northeastern Thailand2560Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) Asia-Pacific Chapter Meeting 2017
46 15/03/2560Teartisup P, Kerdsueb P.-InternationalJapanSoil carbon sequestration in wetland soil: Seasonal flooding forest of lower Chi River, Northeastern of Thailand2560International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences (EAS) International Conference on Biological, Chemical and Environmental Sciences (CES)
47 03/02/2560Srimalanon P, Prapagdee B, Sombatsompop N.-InternationalThailandMechanical, physical properties and antibacterial performance of PLA/PBS blends with additions of DCP and HPQM agents2560Proceedings in the Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conferences (PACCON) 2017
48 02/02/2560Tangudom P, Sombatsompop N, Prapagdee B.-InternationalThailandEffect of nano TiO2 on mechanical and antibacterial performances of poly(methyl methacrylate)/acrylic rubber2560Proceedings in the Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conferences (PACCON) 2017
49 16/11/2559Phatcharaporn Thuamkaew,Yortyot Seetang-Nun, Pravate Tuitemwong and Preeyaporn Koedrith-InternationalThailandDevelopment of Magnetic Nanoparticle-Based Method for Rapid Detection of Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria Campylobacter jejuni25602nd Environment and Nutural Resources international conference
50 16/11/2559Pasika Niamrit, Panupong Puttarak, Ramida Wattanapokasin, and Preeyaporn Koedrith-InternationalThailandIn vitro DNA protective effect of Asiatic acid against cadmium-induced toxicity using colorectal Lovo cell line25602nd Environment and Nutural Resources international conference
51 16/11/2559อัจฉรา อัศวรุจิกุลชัย-InternationalThailandPromotion Measures of Home Composting: A Case study in Huu Dinh Commune, Vietnam25602nd Environment and Nutural Resources international conference
52 05/10/2559Sittijunda S*. Teerakun M, Reungsang A.-InternationalSouth KoreaFermentation of hydrogen, 1,3-propanediol and ethanol productions from waste glycerol using up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor25602016 Asia Biohydrogen & Biogas Symposium (ABBS2016)
53 29/08/2559Pumijumnong N-InternationalJapanHolocene environmental change in Northwestern Thailand derived from teak log coffin culture2559The Eight World Archeological (WAC-8)
54 07/08/2559Satumanatpan S, Pollnac R.-InternationalThailandSocial resilience among small-scale fishers in Rayong Province, gulf of Thailand2559ASIA-Pacific Small Scale Fisheries TBTI
55 11/07/2559ทิตยา งามแสง, มณฑิรา ยุติธรรม-InternationalThailandการประเมินความเปราะบางของพื้นที่ตั้งระบบกำจัดมูลฝอยชุมชนด้วยระบบฝังกลบอย่างถูกหลักสุขาภิบาล (Vulnerability assessment of municipal solid waste disposal system with sanitary landfill)2559การประชุมวิชาการบัณฑิตศึกษาระดับชาติและนานาชาติ ครั้งที่ 6 บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยศิลปากร
56 05/06/2559Satumanatpan S, Moore P, Lentisco A, Kirkman H.-InternationalKoreaEffective approaches for governing marine and coastal areas-A case of Koh Tao2559World Fisheries Congress
57 29/03/2559Satumanatpan S, Pollnac R.-InternationalCanadaRelationship between perception of resilience and wellbeing of small scale fishers in Rayong Province2559Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) 2016
58 26/03/2559Laowattanaroj K, Kamnerdpetch C, Lertsuchatavanich U, Thavipoke P.-InternationalThailandEfficacy of chitosan nanoparticles loaded bioactive substance obtained from Baciilus subtilis B03 cultures for controlling flower rusty spot disease in Dendrobium2559The 7th Academic Meeting National and International Conference at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
59 19/01/2559ศันสนีย์ ชูแวว-InternationalCambodiaSaline intrusion in the past,present and future in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.2559Wetland Alliance International Conference Wetland Management: Science, Practice and Sustainable development
60 12/01/2559ศันสนีย์ ชูแวว-InternationalCambodiaValuing the economic benefits of Water Onion coservation2559Wetland Alliance International Conference Wetland Management: Science, Practice and Sustainable developmen
61 12/01/2559ศันสนีย์ ชูแวว-InternationalCambodiaVisitors's opinion on water-based ecotourism producks wetland conservation.2559Wetland Alliance International Conference Wetland Management: Science, Practice and Sustainable development
62 02/12/2558นาฎสุดา ภูมิจำนงค์-InternationalAustriaTeak Log coffin in Northwest Thailand:date by Dendrochronology and 14C wiggle Matching2559การบรรยาย ณ ภาคโบราณคดี มหาวิทยาลัยเวียนนา ออสเตรีย
63 07/11/2558Singkran N.-InternationalHong KongWater quality and TMDL determinations for the Chaopraya River, Thailand25595th International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology (ESIAT 2014)
64 04/11/2558Palakit K, Duangsathaporn K.-InternationalThailandLeaf Phenological Features and Monthly Wood Increments of Melia azedarach relating to Climate Variability2559The International Conference on Science and Technology (TICST2015), RMUTT, Pathum Thani
65 17/08/2558Yuttitham M, Panin P, Phromphantakorn O, Prasertmak Y.-InternationalThailandGreenhouse gases emission of maize cultivation: A case study in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand2558ISC 2015 - Sustainable Uses of Soil in Harmony wuth Food Security
66 23/07/2558Singkran, N-InternationalAustraliaInfluences of land use and climate changes on hydrologic system in the northeastern river basin of Thailand. Research Seminar2558School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management. The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
67 17/07/2558Singkran, N-InternationalAustralia2011 Thailand flood: Situations & disaster management2558Environmental Engineering Research Seminar. School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. University of Technology Sydney, Australia
68 08/07/2558Singkran, N.-InternationalThailandWater quality and TMDL determinations for the Chaopraya River, Thailand2558Environmental Science and Information Application Technology
69 05/07/2558Sirisawad T, Teartisup P*, Teartisup S, Kerdsueb P.-InternationalAustraliaThe influence of environmental contexts and local identity upon wetland community center design2558The 9th International Convention of Asia Scholars
70 17/06/2558Wankumpha J, Prapagdee B, Wongthanate J, Kymsopa A.-InternationalThailandAbility of cadmium-resistant bacteria to increase cadmium solubility in contaminated soil2558The 3rd EnvironmentAsia International Conference
71 17/06/2558Sae-Tang N, Choowaew S, Boonratana R, Phuted U.-InternationalThailandEnvironmental impacts from boat excursions at Bueng Borapet Wetland, Nakhon Sawan province, Thailand2558The 3rd EnvironmentAsia International Conference
72 17/06/2558Chantarawong G, Ussawarujikylchai A, Manomaipiboon K, Juisiri C.-InternationalThailandGreenhouse gas emission reduction from municipal solid waste management in Wang Nam Yen municipality, Sa Kaeo Province2558The 3rd EnvironmentAsia International Conference
73 17/06/2558Sepsuk P, Ussawarujikulchai A, Manomaipiboon K, Juisiri C.-InternationalThailandGreenhouse gases emission reduction from municipal solid waste management by composting and redesign collection routing: A case study in Lux Muang subdistrict municipality, Ratchaburi province2558The 3rd EnvironmentAsia International Conference
74 17/06/2558Songkampol N, Wongthanate J, Prapagdee B, Suwanich P.-InternationalThailandOptimal conditions of dye removal from textile dyeing industrial wastewater by adsorption2558The 3rd EnvironmentAsia International Conference
75 08/06/2558Choowaew S-InternationalUruguayการศึกษาปริมาณภาระบีโอRamsar COP12 side event: Regional Wetland Symposia - The early stage of Asian Wetland Symposium (AWS) and the 7th AWS2558Ramsar COP12 side event: Regional Wetland Symposia
76 28/04/2558Panpumpo S, Prapagdee B, Ussawarujikylchai A, Kumsopha A.-InternationalThailandBiodegradation of polylactic acid by indigenous microorganisms from landfill soil and wastewater sludge from Tuna processing and canning factory2558The 6th National and International Conference of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
77 07/04/2558Yodrasing P, Boontanon N, Kitpati Boontanon S, Polprasert C.-InternationalThailandAnalysis of beta-agonists in animal feeds by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and health risk assessment2558International Conference on Agricultural, Ecological and Medical Sciences (AEMS-2015
78 16/03/2558Techarat P.-InternationalThailandSchool environmental education: A learning by doing method2558The 2nd International Conference on Innovation in Education (ICIE 2015)
79 26/02/2558Hinjiranan S, Hinjiranan P, Roojanavech S.-InternationalThailandThe health status evaluation related to the environment changes regarding the tourism development in four provinces of the western part of Thailand towards the capability of Dawei special economic zone2558Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation for Globally Sustainable Development
80 15/12/2557Sritrairat S-InternationalUSAEcosystem services and potential utilization of urban Typha angustifolia wetlands of across metropolitan Bangkok, Thailand2558American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2014
81 01/12/2557Tinnungwattana W, Wichchukit S, Suban na Auyuthaya S.-InternationalJapanFood mapping: Learning process tool to enhance sustainable healtht eating habits for youths in Krateep community2558The Inaugural Asian Conference on the Social Sciences and Sustainablility
82 12/11/2557Pumijumnong N.-InternationalMalaysiaEfforts in restoration of mangroves in coastal areas and their effects.2558The 1st International Conference on Mangroves of Asia-Pacific Countries in view of Climate Change
83 12/11/2557Prajuabwan N, Tinnungwattana W, Wichchukit S.-InternationalJapanLearning process for changing from chemical to safe agricultural production in the Bann-Lak-Mate community2558The Inaugural Asian Conference on the Social Sciences and Sustainablility
84 06/11/2557Lieotrakun T, Charmondusit K, Saikhun K-InternationalThailandEvaluation of the greenhouse gas emission and removal of dairy farm: A case study of Farm Chokchai Company Limited2558The 1st Environment and Natural Resources International Conference
85 06/11/2557Hata H, Chaiyarat R, Asensio N, Intarabutr P, Chimchome V, To-im J-InternationalThailandForest habitat and fruit availability of hornbills in Salakphra Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanchanaburi province, Thailand2558The 1st Environment and Natural Resources International Conference
86 06/11/2557Sutthipattanasomboon C, Wongthanate J, Prapagdee B, Arunlertaree C-InternationalThailandImpacts of pH and iron concentration on thermophilic biohydrogen production from starch processing wastewater2558The 1st Environment and Natural Resources International Conference
87 06/11/2557Englong A, Punwong P, Traiperm P-InternationalThailandPalaeoenvironment study in fresh water spring areas, Thong Pha Phum district, Kanchanaburi province, Thailand using palaecological analyses2558Joint Symposium on Frontier Research in Biodiversity and Agricultural Resource
88 06/11/2557Juprasong Y, Punwong P, Traiperm P-InternationalThailandThe effect of oil spill on leaf epidermis of Terminalia catappa L.: A case study of crude oil leakage in Rayong, Thailand2558Joint Symposium on Frontier Research in Biodiversity and Agricultural Resources
89 06/11/2557Wiwattanakantang P, To-im J-InternationalThailandTourist satisfaction on sustainable tourism development, Amphawa floating market Samut Songkhram, Thailand2558The 1st Environment and Natural Resources International Conference
90 03/11/2557Sae-Tang N, Choowaew S-InternationalCambodiaA study of water-based ecotourism at Bueng Borapet wetland, Nakhon Sawan province, Thailand2558Asian Wetland Symposium / Ramsar Pre-COP12 Asia Regional Meeting
91 03/11/2557Choowaew S-InternationalCambodiaLotus fields and Thai culture2558Asian Wetland Symposium / Ramsar Pre-COP12 Asia Regional Meeting
92 03/11/2557Choowaew S-InternationalCambodiaThe university network for wetland research and trainings in the Mekong Region: Experience and achievements2558Asian Wetland Symposium / Ramsar Pre-COP12 Asia Regional Meeting
93 27/10/2557Kachenchart B, Kuhakarn C, Pootanakit K, Jaipetch T, Sirithunya P, Pongyuen W, Hongthong S, Manitkoon S, Thongsamut C, Tuangsom N, Sukruedeehansa T-InternationalThailandBiological nitrification inhibitory properties of root exudates from traditional Thai rice (Oryza satica L.) and their mitigation of N2O and CH4 emission from paddy soil25584th International Rice Congress
94 21/09/2557Suebpala W, Chuenpagdee R, Yeemin T, Satumanatpan S, Juntarashote K -InternationalMexicoKnowledge gap on ecological impacts of fishing gears in Thailand25572nd World Small Scale-Fisheries Congress Proceedings
95 21/09/2557Suebpala W, Yeemin T, Suthacheep M, Satumanatpan S, Juntarashote K, Hart K, Chuenpagdee R-InternationalMexicoSmall-scale fisheries "fish chain": A case study of Trat Province, Thailand25572nd World Small Scale-Fisheries Congress Proceedings
96 06/08/2557Teerintra Sirisawad, Piyakarn Teartisup*, Songliat Teartisup, Prapeut Kerdsueb-InternationalSingaporeWetland community center design based-on environmental contexts and local identity25572014 4th International Conference on Environmental and Agriculture Engineering (ICEAE 2014)
97 26/05/2557Nathsuda Pumijumnong-InternationalChinaState of the art of Teak Tree-ring network in Thailand2557PAGES ASIA2K
98 08/04/2557Jaruwan Wongthanate-InternationalThailandSignal interpretation in the bender element test2557International Conferenceon Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (ESIT)
99 19/03/2557Jaimung J, Ussawarujikulchai A, Nakhapakorn K. -InternationalThailandComparison the water footprint of oil palm plantation in Surat Thani and Rayong Provinces of Thailand25572014 International Conference and Utility Exhibition on Green Energy for Sustainable Development, ICUE 2014
100 13/03/2557นาฏสุดา ภูมิจำนงค์ และ นพพล อรุณรัตน์-InternationalThailandVulnerability assessment of food security of farmer in Srisaket Province, Thailand2557การประชุมวิชาการประจำปี พ.ศ. 2556: อุดมศึกษาไทยสู่อาเซียน
101 04/03/2557Singkran, N-InternationalVietnamDetermining hydrology regime and sedimentation pattern of the Lamtakhong Basin, Thailand2557The 2013 Final Regional Meeting on National Studies. Mekong River Commission, Can Tho City, Vietnam
102 05/02/2557Apinya T, Ussawarujikulchai A, Sombatsompop N and Prapagdee B*-InternationalThailandIsolation and screening of polylactic acid-degrading bacteria25572nd ASEAN Plus Three Graduate Research Congress
103 21/01/2557Jirarat Pattanasuttichonlakul, Narin Boontanon and Suwanna Kitpati Boontanon-InternationalThailandContamination of perfluorooctane sulfonated (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in air2557International Conference on Biological, Chemical and Environmental Sciences (BCES-2014)
104 29/12/2556Prapeut Kerdsueb and Piyakarn Teartisup-InternationalMalaysiaThe use of geoinformatics for estimating soil organic matter in central plain of Thailand25573rd International Conference on Environment Science and Biotechnology (ICESB 2013)
105 11/12/2556Singkran, N-InternationalCambodiaInfluences of land use changes on flow patterns in the Lamtakhong, Thailand2557The 4th International Conference on Conservation Agriculture in Southeast Asia. University of Battambang, Battambang, Cambodia
106 22/10/2556Duangboobpha S, Prapagdee B*, Kumsopa A and Wongthanate J-InternationalThailandIsolation and screening of cadmium resistant rhizobacteria and their ability on siderophore and biosurfactant production255739th Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand (STT39)
107 22/10/2556Thongdara R, Tanachaikhan P, Kulpradit K, Tibkaew A.-InternationalIndonesiaThe urban expansion to durian orchard in Nonthaburi255734th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2013, ACRS 2013
108 19/10/2556Nathsuda Pumijumnong-InternationalChinaCambial activity and radial growth in relation to climate factors of three tropical trees species at Chang Island, Thailand25578th Pacific Regional Wood Anatomy Confernce/Annual Meeting of International Academy of Wood Science
109 15/10/2556Satumanatpan S, Kirkman H and Senowongse P-InternationalChinaMaking environmental protected areas work-a case study for Phuket Island, Thailand2557Testuaries and Coastal Areas in Times of Intense Change
110 05/09/2556Singkran, N-InternationalThailandClassifying risk zones by the impacts of oil spills in the coastal waters of Thailand2556Pacem in Maribus XXXIV, International Forum on Sustainable Governance of the Ocean. Bangkok, Thailand
111 31/05/2556Sayam Aroonsrimorakot, Chumporn Yuwaree, Chumlong Arunlertaree, Rungjaras Hutajareorn and Tarinee Buadit-InternationalThailandCarbon footprint of dormitories at Mahidol university, Salaya campus, Thailand2556 The Third International Congress on Interdisciplinary Studies and Good Governanc
112 31/05/2556Sayam Aroonsrimorakot and Tarinee Buadit-InternationalThailandCarbon footprint of Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (sales and services activities)2556 The Third International Congress on Interdisciplinary Studies and Good Governance
113 17/05/2556Parkorn Suwanich-InternationalThailandHazard possibility study in geology from potash mine in Thailand 2556The 2nd EnvironmentAsia international Conference on "Human Vulnerability and Global Environmental Change"
114 16/05/2556Benjaphorn Prapagdee-InternationalThailandPotential of cadmium-resistant bacteria on the enhancement of sunflower root elongation under toxic heavy metal conditions 2556The 2nd EnvironmentAsia international Conference on "Human Vulnerability and Global Environmental Change"
115 21/03/2556Singkran, N-InternationalIndonesia2011 Thailand flood situations &disaster management2556The training of Trainer course on Integrated Urban Flood Management. Jakarta, Indonesia
116 25/02/2556Piyakarn Teartisup and Prapeut Kerdsueb-InternationalItalyLand subsidence prediction in central plain of Thailand2556International Conference on Climate change and Humanity - ICCCH 2013
117 20/01/2556Sayam Aroonsrimorakot, Chumporn Yuwaree, Chumlong Arunlertaree, Rungjaras Hutajareorn and Tarinee Buadit-InternationalUnited Arab EmiratCarbon footprint of Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol university, Salaya campus, Thailand.2556SciVerse ScienceDirect APCBEE Procedia 00(2013) in ICESD 2013
118 19/01/2556Sayam Aroonsrimorakot and Chumporn Yuwaree-InternationalUnited Arab EmiratCleaner technology application in printing factory (offset lithography system)2556SciVerse ScienceDirect APCBEE Procedia 00(2013) in ICESD 2013
119 19/01/2556Chooyok P, Pumijumnong N and Ussawarujikulchai A-InternationalUnited Arab EmiratThe water footprint assessment of ethanol production from molasses in Kanchanaburi and Supanburi Province of Thailand2556SciVerse ScienceDirect APCBEE Procedia 00(2013) in ICESD 2013
120 20/12/2555Singkran, N-InternationalLao P.D.R.Determining flow & influences of land use change on water conditions in the Lamtakhong, Nakhonratchasim province, Thailand2556The 2012 Final Regional Workshop on National Pilot Studies. Mekong River Commission, Luangprabang, Lao P.D.R.
121 18/10/2555จารุวรรณ วงค์ทะเนตร -InternationalThailandEffects of initial pH and temperature on biohydrogen production from agro-industrial wastewater using anaerobic mixed cultures255638th congress on science and technology of Thailand (STT 38)
122 28/08/2555Saranya Sucharitaku-InternationalThailandThe pattern of household receiving remittance in KOSS, Thailand2555The 2nd Asian Population Association (APA) Conference
123 12/07/2555Sansanee Choowaew-InternationalRomaniaWetland culture of people's daily life in Thailand 2555-
124 16/06/2555Benjaphorn Prapagdee-InternationalUSACharacterization of a Cadmium Resistant Plant Growth Promoting Rhizabacterium and its Potential on Increasing Plant Root Elongation under a Cadmium Toxic Condition2555112th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology
125 26/02/2555Piyakarn Teartisupม Prapeut Kerdsueb-InternationalSingaporeRemotely Sensed Data and Multiphase Integration to classify Wetland types, Western Thailand2555International conference on Climate Change and Humanity ICCCG 2012
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127 15/01/2555Weerawat Ounsaneha, Thunwadee Tachapattaworakul Suksaroj, Kitikorn Chamondusit-InternationalThailandSelection of the Sustainable Area for Rubber Plantation of Thailand by Eco-efficiency2555Procedia: Social and Behavioral Science- 2012 International (Spring) Conference of Asia Pacific Business Innovation and Technology Management Society
128 14/01/2555S.Charmondusit, K, Bhaktikul, C. Arunlertaree, W.Wisawapipat, C.Rattanapan, and K. Charmondusit-InternationalThailandPloblem Based Training Program on Industrial Ecology and Environment for the Sustainability Management of Industry2555Procedia: Social and Behavioral Science- 2012 International (Spring) Conference of Asia Pacific Business Innovation and Technology Management Society
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131 01/11/2554Nakhapakorn k-InternationalChinaThe Relation Between Land Cover and the Urban Heat Island Using Geoinformatics Applications 2555“MAIRS” session in the IRDR Conference 2011
132 20/10/2554Sayam Aroonsrimorakot-InternationalSouth KoreaPulmonary Function of Iron Pipe Production Workes in Chonburi province 2555THE 42rd APACPH 2011 Conference
133 12/10/2554R.Chaiyarat, C.Sookjam, K. Eimpampai, and P. Damrongphol-InternationalChinaAccumulation of Organochlorines in Birds from Bueng Boraphet Wetland, Central Plain of Thailand2555Summary of Presentations at the 2nd China Wetland Cultural Festival & Asian Wetland Symposium
134 29/11/2553Satumanatpan,S. and Poovachiranon, S.-InternationalThailandSeagrasses in Thailand: Past, Present and Future. 25549th International Seagrass Biology Workshop. Trang Province, Thailand
135 27/10/2553Madsamon Khumpong, Benjaphorn Prapagdee, Chumlong Arunlertaree and Jaruwan Wongthanate-InternationalThailandBio–hydrogen production from industrial wastewater under the optimum of pH and temperature2554Proceeding in The 36th Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand.
136 27/10/2553Kittibodee Chinnacotpong, Benjaphorn Prapagdee, Achara Ussawarujikulchai and Jaruwan Wongthanate-InternationalThailandEffect of pH on bio-hydrogen production from food waste under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions2554Proceeding in The 36th Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand.
137 22/10/2553Wongthong P., Satumanatpan, S. and Windhorst, W. -InternationalThailandA Participatory Approach - Key to Success in Mangrove Management in Prednai, Eastern Thailand2554Coastal Zone Asia Pacific Conference 2010-CZAP 2010. Bkk, Thailand.
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139 28/07/2553Satumanatpan, S., Senawongse, P., Silpamaneephan, O. and Chomchit, P. -InternationalCanadaChallenges of Successful Integrated Coastal Zoning: Lessons from the Southern Part of the Gulf of Thailand2553-
140 25/06/2553Yodkam, K. and Satumanatpan, S. -InternationalThailandBiophysical and Social Indicators for the Evaluation of the Management Effectiveness of Mu Koh Surin Marine National Park2553-
141 05/06/2553Sayam Aroonsrimorakot, Kraichart Tantakarnarpa-InternationalChinaApplication of cleaner technology in packaging printing factory (Offset lithography system)2553SETAC Asia/Pacific 2010 "Balance between Economic Growth and Environmental Protection: Sustainability through Better Science"
142 04/06/2553Hongpokaphon, A. and Charmondusit, K. -InternationalMalaysiaCharacterization of Industrail Waste from Industrail Estate in Map Ta Phut Area, Thailand2553The 3rd Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development International Conference on Environment Research and Technology
143 26/05/2553Charmondusit, K.-InternationalTaiwanDevelopment of Eco-efficiency Indicator for Macro Scale Evaluation in the Map Ta Phut Industrial 2553The International Workshop on Eco-Industrial Park, Taiwan