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Bachelor of Science Program (B.Sc.) in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (International Program)

Specific characteristics:

  • The first international program of the nation in Natural Resources and Environmental Management
  • A multidisciplinary in both theory and field practices with other organizations (Government, private and non-government organizations)
  • Graduate students are able to integrate the knowledge and practice to achieve the national and international sustainable development goals

Studying duration: 4 years (including internship)

Total credits required: no less than 137 credits

Course Category Credits
1. General Education Courses (no less than) 32 Credits
  1.1 Social Sciences 6 Credits
  1.2 Humanities 3 Credits
  1.3 Languages 12 Credits
  1.4 Science and Mathematics 9 Credits
  1.5 Health and Recreation 2 Credits
2. Specific Courses (no less than) 93 Credits
  2.1 Core Courses 38 Credits
      2.1.1 Basic Science and Mathematics   26 Credits
      2.1.2 Basic Profession Courses   12 Credits
  2.2 Specialized Courses 46 Credits
      2.2.1 Basic Environment   12 Credits
      2.2.2 Environmental Technology   6 Credits
      2.2.3 Environmental Management   24 Credits
      2.2.4 Research and Ethics   4 Credits
  2.3 Basic Profession Course 9 Credits
      2.3.1 Environmental Management Technology   3 Credits
      2.3.2 Natural Resource Management   3 Credits
      2.3.3 Economics, Laws and Environmental Management   3 Credits
3. Free Electives (no less than) 6 Credits
4. Field Experience (no less than) 6 Credits

Total tuition fee:
- for Thai student: 350,000 Baht
- for non-Thai students: 700,000 Baht*
* These are calculated based on the minimum study of 137 credits.

At the end of the program, successful students will be able to:


  • Thai students can apply via Thai University Central Admission System (TCAS), with the total score of six subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English, and Social sciences) no less than 35%.
  • International students can contact the program and submit the high school graduation and English proficiency score documents.

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