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"To The Advancement of Environmental Science, And To The Peace for Mankind This Faculty is Dedicated."

K.Bhaktikul October, 2011

  1. Encouraging and supporting a creation of Research clusters to enhance efficiency of academic publication
  2. Establishing an international network for environmental research and efficient high quality publications
  3. Creating a Research War Room as an offensive operation unit in charge of translations, publications, and most importantly fund search, with efficiency and quality

  1. Encouraging environmental education and training for ASEAN member countries and connecting with the research clusters relating to ASEAN and Mekong Subregion in higher education institutions
  2. Encouraging a creation of worldview expanding activities and providing the students with more opportunities to demonstrate their academic abilities in environment-related international platforms, which includes the activities that stimulates the awareness of ASEAN citizenship

  1. Academic Services Enhancement in accordance with the principles of University Social Responsibility (USR)
    - Once an environmental issue occurs, Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Mahidol University must be able to address it immediately.
    - An explanation of the issue must immediately be posted on the faculty’s website.
    - Environmental Specialist Interview must be posted on the website.
    - Collaborating with the University’s Corporate Communications Office
    - Establishing environmental news bureau to address public concerns immediately
  2. Encouraging an integration of environment-related academic services and other university’s departments to reduce the unit cost of outsourcing by 15-20% and to continue the Envir. Clinic
  3. Establishing the faculty as an environmental standard reference source to facilitate access to the information for other institutions and the public
  4. University Carbon Management Plan

  1. Reviewing the risk management at the faculty level to learn from the past risks and choose a risk management method that is in consistent with the faculty’s culture and environment as well as the current social reality

  1. Strengthening the 21st Century Skills by including the content of multidisciplinary approach in the core subjects
  2. Emphasizing a diversified learning pattern, namely, the application of Project Based Learning
  3. Adding courses on Regional and Global environment, Climate Change, Disasters Management, International River, Environmental Problems in SE ASIA etc.

1. Developing a plan and mechanism for personnel enhancement and preparation for internationalization, good governance and university organizational changes

2. Creating a mechanism for the acceptance of performance based assessment

3. Performance monitoring and assessment implemented for a period of time needs to be reviewed and fine-tuned based on the past issues so that the new ones and the ways to handle them could be discovered.

  • The faculty becoming a thought leader in the field of Environment at regional and international levels.
  • Tangible research clusters in collaboration with other faculty in the university and external institutions, local and abroad.
  • A tangible increase in research publications at national and international levels.
  • State of the art curriculum suitable for global, regional and national environmental issues
  • An ability to address to environmental and public concerns immediately
  • Graduates meet the need of social demand with knowledge and integrity
  • Organizational professionalism in conducting research, trainings for government and private sectors at international and ASEAN levels
  • A tangible network of collaboration in education, research and social services
  • An increase in the admission/ production of local and international students with an approach to generating income by collaborating with government and private sectors in recruiting new graduate and post graduate students
  • Personnel in every line of work has organizational pride with happiness and efficiency at work Faculty’s New Genetic Structure
  • Extending the results of the centers as part of the faculty’s healthy DNS
  • Increasing the strength from the best gene and chromosome found in the first year
  • Immediate action required in the first year (Raising the faculty’s international academic publication, manuscript, text books, and books on demand)
  • Improving the secondary strength, expanding, integrating curricular in preparation for credit transfer in the field of Environmental Science in response to ASEAN community. Start immediately at UKM